When is an Apple not just an Apple – when it’s an A.pl apparently…

Apple’s thirst for litigation seems to be moving from the sublime to the ridiculous.

I have just read on Reuters that Apple, through its legal representatives in Poland Baker McKenzie, have filed another court case. This time it’s against an online grocery retailer called A.pl. Apparently the reason for this filing is the similarity between the names of the two companies and the fact that Apple feels that A.pl maybe stealing its thunder in Poland.

It seems to me that although this litigation may be justified, in legal terms, the real loser is the English language. From now on anything that has the word apple in it seems to belong to the Cupertino-based Goliath. I mean, if Apple had its own way, the snake in the Garden of Eden will probably be giving Eve an orange as Apple may file a complaint and religion may have to be rewritten!

And from this nugget, I move swiftly onto the Apple vs. Samsung saga. I really cannot fathom what all the fuss is about… court cases spanning four continents, millions, nay billions, of dollars that could be spent on better things all over the world lining the pockets of fat cat lawyers. All one can glean from this court cases is that the greed of these “two bickering children” is limitless in their quest for supremacy of the mobile phone waves.

Well, I can understand to a certain extent, but I feel they have really misunderstood the reason for the fight in the first place.

Principle or Principal?

Yes, I know, there are people out there who will use the old adage, it’s the principle… but I often say to them that they have spelt it wrong. These days, it’s the principal, not the principle that counts.

And that is my main gripe: it is not the principle that counts here, but the principal… the billions of dollars at stake in the war for dominance of the burgeoning smart phone market. Yes, Samsung copied Apple’s innovative products, yes, Apple is apparently more inventive. We all agree on that front, however, their head to head battle, where so far only the lawyers are the winners, seems an enormous waste of money… at a time when a billion dollars spent wisely could save millions of lives all over the globe.


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