A confession from a bar stool (3)

Credit: Keens

Credit: Keens

I have a confession to make…

I have committed murder. That’s right… you heard me. I have taken a life. Not just one but countless lives.

I have both prompted murder and I have put the knife in someone’s heart myself, feeling the surprise and pain in their eyes as I thrust it deeper. I have lusted after wives and whores aplenty. Slept with many and paid for more. I have drunk my measure of cheap wine in the company of frostbitten waifs and strays; and exquisite malts with rich and sweaty bankers.

I have eaten meagre meals with wrinkled widows on linoleum tablecloths and feasted on life’s blood. I have abandoned children just to see the look on their faces, and left orphans to rot in the hell of their despair. I have judged others harshly and spoken ill of many. I have been judged and have been found to be wanting, time and time again.

I have perjured to save my soul and I have lied to silence it. I have prayed to God in hell and Lucifer in heaven, desecrating both in the same breath. I have befriended ghosts and forgotten the living.

I have fallen in love. Yes, that too. And made others love me.

I have stolen hearts, and been hurt by the one I love. I have cried my fill of tears and worn them on my sleeve. I have been drunk with the sheer ecstasy of giving and receiving pleasure. I have laughed with friends on a sultry summer evening and walked through the labyrinth of emotions, sometimes wandering and often just wondering.

Do I regret the pain and heartache I have caused? No, I revel in the perversity of it. It is what gives my drinking sustenance.

Am I proud of the happiness I have brought? No, because it is but one side of life.

All these things I have thought in the name of the one thing I love…


Barkeep! Another large one…

This piece was written for a competition being run by a true wordsmith, www.literatureandlibation.com. Thank you for taking the time out to run this Oliver!



  1. It was the best of all. I’m happy to find it. I love writings that make me think. The “confession” is full of tension; in the beginning you don’t know if it’s true or what the ending can be, but finally there’s the ending with a bang. So, I’d say it’s a pearl in the sea of shallow writings.


    1. Oliver… what can I say? I am so pleased that I am off to the pub to celebrate and prop up that old bar! Thank you so,so much for running this competition and for choosing me as your favourite. I will send you an email with my piece tomorrow and am so excited to hear your comments.

      Rest assured, I will drink a large one to your health (okay, maybe two)!!! Thanks again.


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