My blood for your thoughts

Meandering Tilt

I have a life of my own, though you may not know it and I have a soul, though you may not comprehend it. I beget life from thoughts and write of death recording that which is tacit or misconstrued.

I am the author of treaties and treatises, documents and drafts, soulful sonnets and dour dramas, a seneschal of surrenders and a maestro of melodies for I have an eye for the aural as well as the ocular. I am an instrument of the death and birth of souls: in my blood is recorded science and religion in equal measure, perchance enlightening perhaps brutal.

My touch gilds words and guts emotions and through it all I emerge bearing the scars of my travails, a knick here and twisted thought there. I juxtapose love and hate with an equal meandering tilt born of your fancy. I record moments of joy on lustrous thick vellum, smooth to touch, and tear encrusted rejoinders for lovers whose dreams are never sated as love, once sated, bears no love and is self-consuming in its lust for a profounder perversion of itself.

That self-same blood is transfused with thought. Each new existence brings fresh hope: a celebration of all that Man strives for in his mortal rush to sail on the winds of knowledge and fall over the culmination of his manacled comprehension. The Seven Sins I am guilty of, in equal measure, and write of defilers and saints, from creation to the end of existence, burdening time with weighty memories.  Celestial journeys and depths of despair are in my hand, some written of mortal experience and some of divine incantations. Like Time I feel no remorse. I tick to the whim and chime to the fancy, faithfully recording frets and foibles and lingering on though you would have no more of me.

Am I crestfallen by my burden of Thought, have I lost my faith in my Scribe? No. For I am an instrument of your divinity… I am, and always will be, mightier than any sword.

© One Writer and His Blog 2013

Written for Oliver Gray’s Literature and Libation writing competition where the prize is his brilliant editing expertise and constructive criticism.



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