Remembering a meadow

Following on from my last post about my holiday in the Balaton region, I can’t resist writing and posting  a few more pictures of the place for you to see (and for me to be proud of). Now a quick disclaimer, I am not a professional photographer – though I wish I was – nor even a mildly talented one. In fact, I prefer to take photos of things with my mind and remember them in my own colours, however, having recently joined the connected world and acquired a smartphone, I thought I would snap away like a happy camper!


cellar door

The entrance to the red wine cellar…


Hence, if you find any of these photographs good, then it is down to the sheer beauty of the place and nothing to do with my artistic abilities (or distinct lack thereof), and if you find them completely pants then it is all down to my useless eye for a good photo op and not the place or vista’s fault.



A restaurant with a view


On that note, there was such a depth of vistas and small sights in the region that for a foreigner I was constantly gazing around in awe, mouth hanging down attracting flies – a bit like those old cartoons. In fact, there was one meadow that I saw while driving around that I regret not having taking a photograph of. It was covered in rich purple heather, and reminded me of the rolling hills of Scotland combined with the warmth and colours of Southern Europe. A huge meadow, about a mile long and half a mile wide, overlooking the lake and with a rich juxtaposition of natural hues of purple, lilac and green. Nature had carpeted that piece of land in the most vivid colours and we drove by it a few times and every single time, I wanted to get out of the car and just lie down in the middle of it and look at the clear sky and feel the colour around me, suffusing my being and warming my blood.That is my single biggest regret of that holiday.


An old grape press


So enjoy and feel free to let me know your favourites!



Lights out



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