101st Post! The Elance freak show, unpublished authors & thoughts…

Before you get so engrossed in subject of this blog post, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for accompanying me on this journey of words. This is my 100th blog post and I am still here because of your support, your comments, likes and especially your patience.

Two years or so have gone by since this blog was born and in those two years it (he will be angry at being called “it” but never mind) has formed opinions, written poetry, won a flash fiction contest, expressed existential thoughts and like all toddlers, thrown tantrums and sulked.

Nevertheless, it has accompanied me through thick and thin, cold and sun, laughter and sorrow and we both want to express our gratitude to you, friends, followers, commenters and all for being with us on this journey.

So a (huge) THANK YOU from me, and he says thank you too!!!!

And without much further ado…


The Elance freak show, unpublished authors & thoughts…

[PUBLIC HEALTH WARNING: If you are an unpublished author, then do not read this as it will make you look at yourself as a wastrel and a complete failure. Alternatively, do read and join the club as you too are not just a writer but an author!]

There is this stigma attached to being an unpublished writer that I find a little offensive and am sorry to say this, but very often I find that it is promoted by writers themselves. Which of you (and I include myself in this) don’t go green with envy every time you read when someone is a “published writer” somewhere in a blog post or a Goodreads email or just about anywhere else these days – as there are badges that abound almost everywhere I look.

Every time I see one of those badges, I feel the sin of envy swelling up inside me… do you ever feel it? I feel my innards going greener than a lush green field of grass just having received a nightful of sprinkling, simply because I haven’t published, in my own name, my writing. Well, I have published bits and bobs here on my blog and what I write for clients has been published under their own names but it seems like cheating if I put a badge on my site “Published as a Ghost Writer.” Hell, it seems like an idiotic thing to write, plus I have signed my writing away to someone else for a bit of cash so I can’t really do that – it would be unfair moreover, I would probably be in breach of contract – another headache I am not willing to undertake, not to mention a downright unprofessional approach to being a writer for hire.

So why do I, and so many others, place such an importance on being a published author, and why do people “listen” to what published authors say so much more than an average joe like me, or you (if you are unpublished)?

One word: Perception.

In more than one word: Sales and marketing and just plain spiel. That’s my (jealous, albeit honest) take on the situation.


Writer’s Earnings break records – we can afford a cappuccino now

As if it wasn’t bad enough getting no recognition for not being a published writer, I was looking at the paltry numbers for our trade… our chosen métier, writing. I thought I would look at how I was doing in comparison to my peers, to ease the burden of being unpublished. I came across Brenda Hiatt, who has put it quite succinctly, where she surveyed hundreds of authors anonymously – and yes, there are a handful who say they earned a bucketload but for the main, it seems that a figure somewhere a fair bit below below $13,000 per annum seems about right (and being unpublished just started to look better):


And Author Earnings has backed that all up with sales figures from Barnes & Noble and the Goliath of publishing, Amazon, which demonstrate that we writers, unpublished or not, are struggling to pay for the milk in our cappuccinos, let alone earn a decent living from it (I am not counting those that write for publications, websites etc. I am talking about authors alone – the book writing types):


Now, it’s clear that we unpublished authors are aplenty and all struggling in a quagmire of below minimum wage levels while dousing ourselves in schadenfreude and trying to set ourselves on fire with our last match – only to find it being blown out by the wind of potentially fickle readers greedy publishers. So all we actually achieve is smelling like a pre-dry cleaned suit put in for a good soak of petrol in the faint hope of being worn to the ball. The reality is a useless, and perhaps even dangerous sack cloth.

But what of the published ones? Look at links again, please, and you will realize that, in the light of cold hard figures, they seem to struggle under the sheer weight of their $13,000 annual earnings – okay, that is a slight exaggeration, well an itsy bitsy bit (massively) more than a slight one!


Am I a Content Manager’s Bitch?

So what’s the solution, what are we to do? Well, you could go on Elance freakshow and become a Content Manager’s bitch. One only has to take a look at some of the writing jobs on Elance to really understand: $1.50 for 500 words anyone? I mean come on, who are you kidding and what sort of crap will be spouted for that amount, honestly, someone at Elance should just get a grip of what they are allowing on their site, it’s akin to a modern workhouse and has to be illegal on so many fronts. (For those of you who don’t know what a workhouse is, click here or on the picture below).


Is this what we have to go through?

Is this what we have to go through?


To put the Elance, oDesk, Guru, Freelancer et al freak show into perspective, a writer would have to write a novella of 50,000 words for $150 of which Elance would take a mammoth commission and then there would be an escrow payment which means that essentially you would get about $25 per week! No wonder there is so much rubbish on Amazon and the internet as a whole, I mean if you pay peanuts you get monkeys, as the old saying goes, and I know as I have been offered similar amounts for assignments and politely told them to put their offer where the sun doesn’t shine.


George Washington was so right!

George Washington was so right!


I suppose what I am saying is that there is little or no difference in being a published or unpublished author, unless you are James Patterson, JK Rowling (or JK Rolling-in-it) or a few others. Most of us just struggle on, fighting the good fight (for the sake of a fight I suppose). The jealousy remains because it’s the one thing that keeps us going, in the biblical sense, and reminds us of the struggle to become something we dream of.

So, to all you unpublished and published authors, ignore the initial Health Warning, and go for it. Write what you want to write, sod the money, sod cheap writing contracts, sod the Elances and other freelancing sites, and put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard is also a very good start) and don’t listen to jealous people like me or people like Brenda Hiatt, who will only depress you.

But do listen to this (final) piece of advice:

Write for you, write for your heart and write for the pleasure of telling a good tale.

The rest is just life…



  1. Love your last bit of advice. Writing is a joy in itself for me. A day job is fairly usual. I’m okay with that. I’ve just got to write – that’s it and that’s all. Sounds like you’re the same 🙂


    1. Thanks! Yes, I am absolutely in the same boat as you, though I am trying to do it of a living now which is a bit of a struggle. Hope you are better now and survived your op! You must be feeling great now! 🙂


      1. Almost great thanks. Certainly better at sleeping now. Thanks for remembering my blog! Full of admiration that you’re making a living from writing – I’m sure it won’t always be a struggle. You’re really good.


      2. I do remember your blog, of course… It’s great! Well, barely able to afford the odd cappuccino but it does beat working in an office…


      3. So did I, but it was usually a daily diatribe on how much of an a$&@hole my boss was and the general lack of imagination of my colleagues… Now I can write the same thing but on a number of other topics. ;))


    1. Thank you so much for taking the time out to comment and congratulate me. I wasn’t sure, at the beginning of this journey, whether I would reach this far, but it’s thanks to readers like you that it has been made much easier!


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