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The Rorschach Test – how do you view yourself Scotland?


As one newspaper pundit, who hit the nail bang on its head said, and I will paraphrase, this is Scotland’s very own, real life, consequence ridden Rorschach test – Aditya Chakrabortty for the Guardian – you really got the gist of this one. Well done mate.

Scotland for the Scots… the question is: should there be question mark after that statement or an exclamation mark?

That’s what is on everyone’s lips these days. The papers are full of it, what I mean to say is that papers are full of it anyway, but these days they are full of advice on how to vote. Imagine taking advice from the likes of Rupert Murdoch – but that’s another discussion for another time. Newspapers, pundits, reporters (biased or not), media moguls, your next door neighbour and the chap on the bus, everybody is going on about how the economy will fall down the tube after the break-up of the Union etc etc. Haven’t you just had it up to the gills with all this? It seems they have all lost sight of the wood for the trees and partaken of a wee dram too many.

The question seems quite simple to me… for 300 years or so, I have been living with my mum. Okay, I contribute a lot to that household and Mum gives me a lot. She looks after me when I am ill, she helps pay for things and protects me; but at the end of the day, she makes all the decisions and some of them are for my good and others, you get my drift right? So, back to the question, do I still want to live with my mum? I mean I love her and all that and we are family after all, but I have to grow up and make my own decisions sometime and this seems like as good a time as any – time for a change?


Looks like independence to me...

Looks like independence to me…

So listen to the voice of change, not the voice of Mark Carney, the idiotic “headmaster-like” figure who actually sounds like an Old Lady now, and not just the Old Lady (of Threadneedle Street) he represents.

Don’t listen to Salmond, Cameron, Miliband; listen to Sean Connery (who, by the way has been campaigning for this as long as I can remember and that’s a pretty longtime). Campaigning for Scotland, not for his relatives across the border nor for hundreds of years of loving union nor for the Queen and the aristocrats who have bled you dry time and time again.

For Scotland! Land of Scots.

Right now Scotland is what I call a “Senior Colony.” probably the only one left as the rest of them voted to get rid of Westminster rule a long time ago. Come on Scotland, take control of your life and live like a man. Be responsible for who you are, isn’t that what all parents try and teach you? Isn’t that what we are supposed to learn through school and university and life in general? So, why after hundreds of years have you not learned it? Take control! Be responsible for your own actions, not subservient to some puerile, whining whelps from Westminster born with silver shovels in their cavernous, vacuous mouths.

See that blot and make it what YOU want it to be and if it doesn’t work, then start again and make it work – lesser countries have done it. With independence comes a price that you have to be willing to pay. The naysayers are just too cosy and unwilling to pay that price (the living at home analogy again). The yea-sayers… they’re probably not aware of that price but want to change something anyway and are willing to go into the big bad world and make their own decisions and good for them.

I say to the yea-sayers… look to your elders, your friends and family, ask them what it means to be Scottish and then make your own decision – don’t listen to politicians but look inside yourself. Can you take the pain of self-governance, the pain of looking at all your own shortcomings, carbuncles and all? If you can, then vote yes, because that’s all that you will have to look forward to. With freedom comes responsibility… I am sure someone or the other has said that before, but with it also comes great sacrifice. You are held up in front of a glaring white light and asked to choose. Choose what and where you will be when your grandchildren have grown up.

It’s not a hard choice and people make it every day, when they wake up in the morning and decide to go to work instead of lying in bed and taking a sickie. It’s called life people. Live it… but live it for the right reasons or else let someone else live it for you.

This is your own personal Rorschach test. And only you know how you should answer…