Anger management

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

white christmas


Politicians… putting the “n” in cuts

Perhaps it’s a consequence of having a cynical mind, but don’t you find politicians these days are just so condescending?

They were always condescending I suppose, it’s just that they used to be so much better at putting us in our place… “plus ca change” and all that…

The Anger & Her Voice

Conversion of St. Paul

Ranting and raving he was drawn into the fire

Crimson flames unfurled around him

The effusive warmth fanned his ire

Yet anger didn’t set him free.

“Look at me” she said, the sound rolling off her tongue

Waves of it cooling his heated blood

Vapours rising as the anger subsided

Cleansing the red  to usher in the blue.

It wasn’t her words, but only her lilt

A melody not of this plane.

The sound transformed his inexorable guilt

Easing his heart as well as his pain.