Politicians… putting the “n” in cuts

Perhaps it’s a consequence of having a cynical mind, but don’t you find politicians these days are just so condescending?

They were always condescending I suppose, it’s just that they used to be so much better at putting us in our place… “plus ca change” and all that…


The Rorschach Test – how do you view yourself Scotland?


As one newspaper pundit, who hit the nail bang on its head said, and I will paraphrase, this is Scotland’s very own, real life, consequence ridden Rorschach test – Aditya Chakrabortty for the Guardian – you really got the gist of this one. Well done mate.

Scotland for the Scots… the question is: should there be question mark after that statement or an exclamation mark?

That’s what is on everyone’s lips these days. The papers are full of it, what I mean to say is that papers are full of it anyway, but these days they are full of advice on how to vote. Imagine taking advice from the likes of Rupert Murdoch – but that’s another discussion for another time. Newspapers, pundits, reporters (biased or not), media moguls, your next door neighbour and the chap on the bus, everybody is going on about how the economy will fall down the tube after the break-up of the Union etc etc. Haven’t you just had it up to the gills with all this? It seems they have all lost sight of the wood for the trees and partaken of a wee dram too many.

The question seems quite simple to me… for 300 years or so, I have been living with my mum. Okay, I contribute a lot to that household and Mum gives me a lot. She looks after me when I am ill, she helps pay for things and protects me; but at the end of the day, she makes all the decisions and some of them are for my good and others, you get my drift right? So, back to the question, do I still want to live with my mum? I mean I love her and all that and we are family after all, but I have to grow up and make my own decisions sometime and this seems like as good a time as any – time for a change?


Looks like independence to me...

Looks like independence to me…

So listen to the voice of change, not the voice of Mark Carney, the idiotic “headmaster-like” figure who actually sounds like an Old Lady now, and not just the Old Lady (of Threadneedle Street) he represents.

Don’t listen to Salmond, Cameron, Miliband; listen to Sean Connery (who, by the way has been campaigning for this as long as I can remember and that’s a pretty longtime). Campaigning for Scotland, not for his relatives across the border nor for hundreds of years of loving union nor for the Queen and the aristocrats who have bled you dry time and time again.

For Scotland! Land of Scots.

Right now Scotland is what I call a “Senior Colony.” probably the only one left as the rest of them voted to get rid of Westminster rule a long time ago. Come on Scotland, take control of your life and live like a man. Be responsible for who you are, isn’t that what all parents try and teach you? Isn’t that what we are supposed to learn through school and university and life in general? So, why after hundreds of years have you not learned it? Take control! Be responsible for your own actions, not subservient to some puerile, whining whelps from Westminster born with silver shovels in their cavernous, vacuous mouths.

See that blot and make it what YOU want it to be and if it doesn’t work, then start again and make it work – lesser countries have done it. With independence comes a price that you have to be willing to pay. The naysayers are just too cosy and unwilling to pay that price (the living at home analogy again). The yea-sayers… they’re probably not aware of that price but want to change something anyway and are willing to go into the big bad world and make their own decisions and good for them.

I say to the yea-sayers… look to your elders, your friends and family, ask them what it means to be Scottish and then make your own decision – don’t listen to politicians but look inside yourself. Can you take the pain of self-governance, the pain of looking at all your own shortcomings, carbuncles and all? If you can, then vote yes, because that’s all that you will have to look forward to. With freedom comes responsibility… I am sure someone or the other has said that before, but with it also comes great sacrifice. You are held up in front of a glaring white light and asked to choose. Choose what and where you will be when your grandchildren have grown up.

It’s not a hard choice and people make it every day, when they wake up in the morning and decide to go to work instead of lying in bed and taking a sickie. It’s called life people. Live it… but live it for the right reasons or else let someone else live it for you.

This is your own personal Rorschach test. And only you know how you should answer…

The Dream of America

I am not American but I am going to wade in, maybe even up to my neck, and ignite a potential powder keg of rhetoric that will, I hope, get a discussion going.

Barack Obama.

When he was elected, the first time, I remember sitting there and listening to his acceptance speech, as I am sure many of you did, Americans or not, and felt tears swelling in my eyes and emotion welling up inside me – hope, belief in humanity, that we could and would leave this place better than we found it.

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The Content of their Character

I genuinely believed that the world had changed and I was proud of America and of all Americans and what they had achieved with this so-much-more-than symbolic gesture. Only in America could we have this enlightenment coupled with a certain wonderful temerity that left us Europeans far behind, far, far behind. Where people could actually be judged by the “content of their character” and not “the color of their skin.” Here we are, the sowers of the seed of hope (whether by mistake or not) looking to the New World to show us the way; to guide us towards the political hallowed land where we too will be able to see the way forward and recognise people not for the colour of their skin, but for their “content of their character.”

Now let me fill you in on a bit of a background. Not historical background as you all know the story of the fight for equality that America has been burdened with because of the fickle history of the misdeeds of the Old World – guilty of the worst kind of avarice. But my background: my feelings on the issue. I wasn’t alive when Dr Martin Luther King made his famous speech, but I have listened to it many times and still do, after a few drinks, to give me hope and inspire me to do things that I would not ordinarily not do. It gives me hope when I am feeling that there is nothing to hope for especially when I read the news and think of how the world is shaping up. It makes me think of the next generation and the kind of world they will grow up in. Will they realise the potency of those words uttered half a century ago? Will they understand the message? And more importantly, will they do something to pass that message on or do something about it? I hope so, in fact I think about it a lot – but I digress.

The Promised Land?

Barack Obama… There he was, surrounded by his family and the extended family of his well-wishers, accepting the post of President and my tears were welling up again. I remember thinking that even the most hawkish of conservatives would have been flabbergasted at how the world rallied around him – not just America. It was momentous – I don’t think any amount of hyperbole can express that time in history for it was the time when we (all of us) actually sat at “the table of brotherhood” as Dr King put it. So Obama sat, at the head of the table and we awaited the coming of the Promised Land, a land whose ideals would reverberate throughout the rest of the world.

So what do we have to show for our hope and tears more than half a decade on? We have sat at that same table and have found ourselves wanting. By “we” I do take some collective responsibility just because I am a citizen of the world, however, the onus has to be on Mr Obama and his cabal and assorted megalomaniacal coterie of advisers, hangers-on and lobbyists. You, yes YOU, were handed it on a silver platter Mr President. Many an American and foreigner hoped that you would be the change that honest Americans with a dream had voted for and the rest of us had hoped for. You were anointed to be the political messiah that we had been waiting for since time immemorial – for even a year in politics can seem like a lifetime as we are told. And what did you do with the hopes and dreams of Americans and other well-wishers across the globe?


The Manacles of Segregation & Chains of Discrimination

“The manacles of segregation and chains of discrimination,” to quote Dr King again, have still not been swept away. Forced searches in New York continue and the judge who deemed them to be illegal and ordered some oversight has been swept away unceremoniously – even swept under the carpet some might add. Segregation and discrimination has reached new heights, mainly through polarisation of the haves and have nots. Rich have become that much richer and the poor left to their own, meagre resources and even poorer lives. Middle classes have been squeezed – with the government arguing like “mewling and puking” children over Obamacare and funding – reverberations of which have been felt the world over.

When Dr King metaphorically asked to cash that check, the check “which demands the riches of freedom and the security of justice” little did he know that decades after his untimely death, things would be far worse: freedom is now a word that doesn’t exist in any way, shape or form and one only has to see the whistle blower Edward Snowden’s daily allegations levelled against the Obama administration, the NSA and all their allies to realise that. Security of justice, it seems, is for those that can afford it and I am sure we all know at least one person who, if they had money, could get justice for a predicament they found themselves in but instead find themselves at the mercy of a mind-blowingly expensive justice system created by Mammon who has usurped her (Justice’s) powers.

Plus ca change, plus ca meme chose – our collective nightmare

This is an administration that wants to bomb and invade and yet does not lift a finger against the likes of Saudi Arabia where women are not even allowed to drive a car, let alone anything else, because of greed – no gluttony for oil.

This is an administration that has increased, through borrowing, spending on weapons – guns and missiles and aircraft and all manner of deathbringing paraphernalia because the defence industry is just too powerful a cartel to break.

This is an administration that has failed the average American. Failed miserably Mr Obama.

Now why should I care you ask? I am not an American and it has nothing to do with me right? Wrong. What you do in America affects the lives of billions of people around the world and we all know that to be true. Your actions ripple as I have mentioned – those ripples create waves and those waves crash upon our shores and the collective shores of the world.

The list is, sadly, expansive: one disappointment after another Mr Obama. Where has the dream gone? Why has the vision of your forefathers, their successors and heirs – the vision of the mantle of democracy, equality and justice been sullied and cast aside? It was a simple dream, a fair dream, and you have turned it into a collective nightmare for all of us.

To quote Dr King again: the gates need to be opened and “until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream” and cleanses the house of the accumulated offal of decades of misrule capped by your two tenures as President nothing will change.

Definition of politics

“Politics is the practice of convincing everyday people that the proposed proposal is in their best interests; by a person or group of people (politician or political party) who will benefit from said proposal themselves, willy nilly.”

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