A Poem for the Liebster Award

Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is something I have been nominated for

So Thank you Realm of the Goddess for bringing me to the fore.

Answers to eleven questions have been asked of me,

Here they are for all and sundry to see:


Wherefore and why blog do I?

To make life bearable, bye the bye


If thou were to return after thy passing, who would thou be?

A bird would be the only thing to set me truly free.


When a child thou were, who did thou want to be?

The other child playing on the mulberry tree.


And thy favoured character from an opscule?

A bear who loves honey, a pig, a tiger and a donkey.


And when you take out your pen, what do you write?

The pen has a life of its own and tries not to be contrite


And if thou were to travel where would it be?

Samarkand, where there seems to be little of our reality.


And tell us of music and what thou enjoyest?

Composing a melody in words is the ultimate conquest.


And would you swap a book for another medium?

Never, for holding a book is like glimpsing Elysium.


And in which part of the day dost thou sense the Muse?

A fickle woman is she who comes and goes.


And if a power were bestowed, what would it be?

A life of composition is all I ask for me.


And of being chosen, what wouldst say?

Flattery, love and melody have won the day!

If you are interested in reading the original eleven questions that Realm of the Goddess asked me to reply to then here just follow the link. I will be nominating my eleven in due course (coming up with original questions is getting a tad hard!).

And finally, thank you to all followers of this blog – you are the reason I write, whenever I do. You are my inspiration and audience. I am in awe of your creativity and passion for this medium, I really am!

Have a great Sunday!



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